Friday, July 4, 2008

I hate interview!!!!!

G'day folk, gosh i really hate it. Just receive a phone call from gombak yesterday. I'm on list for an interview for post science officer. Why is it so soonnnnn. I don't know, maybe you'll say that it's good for me, yeahhh agree with that but actually i'm not ready for that. I hate interview!!!!! Maybe because i'm not confident with myself. I dunno....what if suddenly i tergabra depan interviewer tu. What should i do? Mmg dari dulu lagi org xsuke g i.view,but wut can i do, it's parts of process for you to get a job. Tolongla xtau nak buat ape. Org jadi camni maybe sbb dh trauma kot g i.view mana2 mesti kene reject. waaaaaaa

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