Saturday, January 31, 2009

Alone in the office

Moshi moshi long time since my last post last year(sooo long time ago).
Actually i'm at the office rite alone doing nothing juz wanna setle some of my work that i cannot finish it during my officially working hour. I dunno y but it's the truth. Decide to come in the morning but accidentally terlajak tido till 10 in the morning *sigh*. So only on 3.30 i arrived at the office. So scared that there's no one at my floor. Xpe la juz trying to finish my work although i know that i cannot finish by today but at least i get motivated by 'u' to work soooo hard sampai dh bosan2 hehehe Sambil2 tu dengar la lagu dari ltop coz this pc don have any graphic card waaaaaaa

Tgk, org buat keje tau siap ada mister potato lagi teman hehehe

Okies seem that it was now 5.56pm. Thought that wanna wait for my downloading file to finish but the pc is sooooo slow that i don wanna wait ANYMORE. Till then.....




yamie, keadaan pc tu lebih kureng same dgn kt tmpt aku ni ehehehehehe tp sem ni mmg messy skit..x organize lgsg

YaMie said...

I got the inspiration from u la hehehe