Tuesday, February 10, 2009

10 February 2009

Today is tuesday, as usual going to work in the morning. Bekerja keras demi mencari sesuap nasi huhuhu duit gaji dh abis g soping waaaaaa

Xda idea nk tulis ape sj nk update the blog since soo long ditinggalkan. Can't wait for this 14 feb. It's not that i'm going to celebrate valentine ( no & never) but the kaki's will reunite again to watch PGL the musical. Seem that everybody is on the mood for PGL. Tgk frenster, pic g PGL, buke facebook bergambar semasa PGL. But i don have anything nice to wear, ssh sgt pkai baju kurung tapi... hmmm xpe jgk kan pkai baju kurung. Will think about it again every single day....

Y i'm still missing you =(=(=(


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yamie jom pkai baju kurng.pmpuan melayu terakhir gitu eheheheh